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    Coping strategy for when you are trapped in conversations with obnoxious people:
    1. Pick a spot nearby, around eye level, preferably a small object. That is now the camera.
    2. When they say something you just cannot stand, look directly into the camera like you’re on The Office
    3. Repeat as often as needed

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    Full Text on Storify: How US Imperialism Created ISIS

    Correction: ISIS was not a subsidiary of Al Qaeda, although there were links between the groups which contributed to its rise before Al Qaeda disavowed ISIS. “ISIS grew out of the former Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), a jihadist militant umbrella group that is believed to have helped create the al-Nusra Front in mid-2011” (x). al-Nusra is al Qaeda’s official arm in Syria.

    More Sources:

    A short (and incomplete given the scale of US-propagated violence across the globe) account of the myriad ways in which US imperialism directly led to creation of ISIS. US imperialism is never the answer and the US-led coalition now will only destabilize the situation further and lead to even more violence and long term problems in the entire region.

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    Something Like This is the story of two boys that try to conceal their forbidden love white attending a gay conversion camp. It will also be having it’s first public screening at Toronto Youth Shorts on September 27th at the CN Tower. I and some other truly talented young people put a lot of sweat and tears (shockingly, very little blood) into the making of this film. I’m incredibly proud of it and would love it if you would consider attending it’s premiere screening. 

    If you’ll find yourself in or around the Greater Toronto Area on September 27th, you can purchase your ticket here

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  4. allthecanadianpolitics:

    Question Period Summary: September 23rd, 2014.

    Not much went on today, but Paul Calandra was UNBELIEVABLE. He was asked a question about the 30 day Iraq mission and then started praising Israel. WTF??????? He did this more than once.

    Then Mulcair asked about the impartialness of the house speaker, Andrew Scheer in allowing Calandra to respond this way and took away his future questions for the day. Wow.

    Tweets by: Shychemist (me), Tom Kott, Elizabeth May, Ash

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  7. Update on Peoria Mayor’s war on satire


    Back in April we featured the Peoria Mayor after he ordered the police to raid someone’s home for mocking him on Twitter:


    And now a judge says that was OK. Read more here.

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Facts only…

Actual facts too



    Facts only…

    Actual facts too

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    "If it wasn’t for the cannons, the pond might be a tranquil sight: its rippling surface reflects the blue of the sky, diffusing the harsh midday light."

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  12. The shooting death of a black teenager by a white police officer on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri and the events that followed were tragic. In addition to the Ferguson case study, this fast-paced class is jam packed with the essential strategies and tactics, skills and techniques that will help you WIN WITH THE MEDIA! It is practical training, not theoretical: Take what you learn and put it to work for you on the street right away! The training is also highly entertaining: numerous video clips illustrate key points, and there is NO PowerPoint! You will learn a lot, and you’ll have fun doing it
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    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Miss America Pageant

    Trust me, watch this segment. It’s fantastic, not just for the humour, but for the excellent investigative journalism that they put into it too.

    I just watched this episode, and I honestly wanted to applaud my TV. Had to come find it on tumblr to share it with y’all.

    Just click play.

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    Super cute cactus cupcakes by Alana Jones-Mann 

    I don’t even like cupcakes but I’m obsessed with desert plants and food art/miniatures are always cool :) so this is AWESOME

    I hate cupcakes. But these aren’t cupcakes, they’re CACTCAKES!

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